Taking Care of your Relationship and your Significant other the Best Way Possible


Whether there is a lockdown or not, being unhappy in a relationship will have a variety of effects on us, including low self-esteem and difficulty focusing on work. It frequently results in a vicious cycle of increasing dissatisfaction.


It may also be a very perplexing period. Should we take action in this case? Is it really that serious of a problem? Maybe things will get better with time Sadly, the default response is frequently to wait or hope and unconsciously give up trying.  Even worse, we start to anticipate the other person to take action because they undoubtedly aren’t pleased too and doing so would demonstrate their concern, which is worse.


In addition, the other person is either utterly unaware of it or thinking or feeling precisely the same as you.


Therefore, nothing will be resolved anytime soon if this trend continues. The relationship then frequently devolves into a blame game or into a contest to score points against the other person. Instead of what marriage should truly be, which is a wonderful, secure, and lovely atmosphere for both spouses to develop and have an enhanced life, the focus changes to being right rather than being happy.


There is just one option if this describes you. Because it’s the one thing that people are afraid of doing, Talk, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it.


About me:

As a dating and relationship coaching, I assist anyone who is having relationship problems with others, single and looking for love, or with oneself, battling with anxiety, depression, or needing to move past terrible experiences from the past.


If you want positive change, I can help you to better yourself and be more fulfilled since my goal is to inspire and enhance people’s lives. However, you will need to be ready to put in the necessary effort, learn from it, and most importantly, accept responsibility for your own happiness and success so that I can help you as a Relationship coach.


How we can work together:

Together, we will determine the underlying reason of what is preventing or impeding you (because it isn’t always as evident as we would assume) and work with you to implement change. I’ll also show you how to proceed and provide you with the resources you need to keep going so you can overcome any bumps in the road.


The first and arguably most difficult stage of the process is accepting help. Everybody occasionally needs some encouragement to help us go in the correct path and finally achieve the outcomes we are striving for.


Therefore, if you are willing to put in a little work on yourself and are serious about improving your circumstances.


A little bit about myself:

Writing about oneself might be really tough for some individuals. Where do you begin and what do you say? And I always respond, “from the beginning,” so let’s stick with that.


Sophie Personne is my name, and I was born in France. In 1999, I relocated to the UK to attend Portsmouth University to study international relations and politics. Up until the corporate world started to feel a little too “corporate,” I actually really loved working in the security profession in my early career.



In 2012, the possibility of redundancy arose, and I haven’t looked back since. I started working for myself and organized events on the South Coast for single professionals. I quickly discovered that many individuals truly aren’t mentally prepared for dating, so I made the decision that it would be best to support them during their trip instead.


I made the decision to become a Dating coach, and I have been assisting others with their relationship issues through relationship coaching for about ten years.if you have more questions or information, you can view the relationship blog.






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