Vinjoyment: The Thrill of Learning about the Wine World

About us:

We’re here to spread the love of wine without any hassle, from various grape varietals to wine-producing countries, entertaining facts, and intriguing winemakers!

Although our headquarters are in central London, we are open to travelling to new places and are also capable of hosting events virtually. Services for vinjoyment wines are available in English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian.Vinjoyment sprang from a profound love of wine and the ways in which it binds us to one another, to the natural world, and to our senses. Our Wine events London goal is to demystify the wine industry and impart what winegrowers, winemakers, authors, and drinkers have to teach us in an entertaining, approachable, and original manner.


Do you intend to take the WSET Level 3 exam, or are you already enrolled? Are you interested in intermediate-level information on the main grape varietals and wine tasting London regions?

The ideal study guide for you is this Notion package. We both passed the WSET Level 3 Wine Exam with distinction after using this study guide to review. We are confident that it will benefit you just as much as it did us. You may use it to make connections between grapes, geographical areas, and agricultural practices. This is a crucial prerequisite for the WSET Level 3 Wine Exam, and without an effective memory aid, it can be challenging to retain all of this knowledge. You’ll find it simple to understand how everything works together with this study guide,this is the proper way of enjoying wine.


Studying will be more fun and easier for you to recall with the abundance of photos and emojis in the study pack.This study guide is for you if passing the WSET Level 3 Wine Exam is your top priority. It is the ideal approach to prepare for the test and make sure you possess the knowledge required to be successful.instant access to the Notion study guide, which we personally used to prepare for the WSET and helped us get a distinction. All of your notes, projects, and ideas can be created and organised in one location with Notion, a potent productivity tool. It is ideal for professionals, students, and everyone else who wants to be more productive and organised, including you.The WSET Level 3 course covers EVERY location and grape variety that you need to know.I hope this gives you more confidence that you are ready to pass the test.using the wine knowledge to your advantage.

What is Notion:

You can generate and manage all of your notes, projects, and ideas in one location with Notion, a potent productivity tool. Anyone who wants to be more productive and structured, including you, should use it. Professionals and students alike will find it ideal.According to the WSET Level 3 syllabus, it covers EVERY location and grape variety that you should be aware of.Ideally, further assurance that you are ready to pass the test. There are no prerequisites to learning about wine; everyone can do it. In my industry, there is no such thing as a “know-it-all,” and we are all always learning together! wine tasting London is a thoughtful activity. We exercise the advantages of being present in a world that pulls us in a million different directions all the time by making use of all our senses.We pay tribute to each and every individual that works from the vineyard to the glass, including grape farmers, pickers, oenologists, winemakers, wine connoisseur, researchers, and sommeliers worldwide. Everyone is capable of teaching and making a contribution.






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